Galatians 5 began by signaling the types of moral behaviors that inform Christian freedom.  This passage in verses 16-26 provides a frank and insightful look at how virtue and vice lists function within the New Testament broadly.  Paul claims that the acts of circumcision and law keeping could potentially distance the believer from actually experiencing Christian freedom and consequentially alienate themselves from Christ.

The paradox of enjoying freedom from the law was potentially causing friction within the community by encouraging adherents to untangle themselves from the law while being entangled to the welfare of their fellow citizens.  

As our discourse opens, the stark debate of the works of the flesh versus the fruit of the Spirit are on full display.

By the end of our lesson, we will EXPLORE the freedoms gained when “waking by the Spirit,” DESIRE the personal and relational qualities of a Spirit-led life and SUPPORT one another in living a life centered on Jesus Christ.

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