The tone of the discussion in John chapters 7 & 8 is somewhat argumentative.  Jesus preaches in the Temple area, telling His listeners many abstract theological concepts about Himself and His relation to the Father.  The crowd always questions Him, answering Him with confusion or with contradiction.  John makes a point of gathering these theological discussions, as Christ explains many concepts to His followers: the glory of God, following Sabbath laws, the knowledge of God, the living water of the Spirit, His coming death, true light for the world, standards for judgement and truth.

Truth is more than accuracy.  God is the standard for truth.  God’s truth is that by which all other truth is measured.  God’s truth can be measured according to His unbroken promises and covenants, and His unfaltering love for His people.  God’s truth is not just reflected in His commandments.  God’s truth is to be reflected in the way we as human beings live our lives.


By the end of our lesson, we will CONSIDER the double meaning of slavery and freedom in Jesus’ conversation with believing Jews, PONDER the many ways people are enslaved in current society, and LIVE in the freedom that Jesus gives to those who follow Him.


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