Deuteronomy is the second telling of God’s Law to Moses and the children of Israel.  The people of Israel are about to enter the Promised Land after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years because of their disobedience.  A new generation of Israelites is present to hear the Law who do not remember being delivered from slavery in Egypt or being called to worship God.  Many of the people present do not remember being disobedient to the Lord and committing idolatry when they received the Covenant.  Yet they have had their own experiences with temptation and sin as well as witnessing God’s deliverance and provision.

Moses is retelling the Law and reminding them to keep God’s commandments while he prepares them to begin their new lives in the Promised Land with the Lord.  Moses reminds Israel that God has chosen them not because of any greatness of their own.  Because God has chosen them, they should continually choose God over the gods of neighboring nations.  If the Israelites humble themselves and follow God’s Law, they will prosper in the Land God is giving them.

By the end of our lesson, we will UNDERSTAND what humility is in the light of God’s commandments, APPRECIATE God’s blessings and our need for humility before the Lord, and PRACTICE living a life of humility.


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