The Passover held supreme theological and historical significance for the Israelites.  The Passover represented one of the most significant acts of divine involvement and commenced their liberation from Egyptian oppression.  The primary reason for removing all leaven from bread was paralleled to the fundamental practice of draining blood from animal flesh; the underlying belief is both leaven and blood had life-giving power. 

The first and seventh days of this period were marked by a holy assembly during which the only work permitted was the preparation of food (Exodus 12:16).  By the New Testament times the festivals of the Passover and Unleavened Bread were well attended celebrations as all practicing male Jews were supposed to gather at Jerusalem during this festival.  The week was known as the “days of unleavened bread” (Luke 22:1; Acts 12:3).



By the end of our lesson, we will UNDERSTAND the meal Jesus shared with His disciples in light of the Jewish Passover, AFFIRM the new meaning Jesus gave to the bread and cup, and REJOICE in the freedom that comes through faith in Christ.

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