The Triumphal Entry was such a significant event that it is recorded in all four Gospels, but each includes different details and emphases.  Over two million Jewish inhabitants of the land made the pilgrimage for this annual feast and celebration, the perfect time for the Messiah to make Himself known to so many people at one time.  The symbolic focus of sacrifice was before them, and He would present Himself as the ultimate sacrifice.

In Matthew alone there are 41 prophetic quotes from the Old Testament which confirm Jesus as the Messiah.  The people had seen others who professed to be the messiah, the conqueror of the land, the warrior set to overthrow the ruling government.  They were all too familiar with processions of great warhorses and armies entering cities.  They did not, however, expect such a humble entrance of a King riding on an animal that was a symbol of quietness, humility, and goodwill.  Yet, they knew this was the Messiah and gave Him a king’s welcome, replete with an unridden colt, a carpet of garments off their backs, a pathway of palm leaves, and shouts of praise which rang out into the streets.  

Jesus, ushered in as a King, knew this was the end of His earthly life and the beginning of His eternal reign.  Jesus, regarded as an agitator, faced the hostile religious leaders, knowing that before the festival was ended, His blood would be on their hands.  Jesus entered the town of His trial assured of His triumph!

By the end of our lesson, we will STUDY the immediate response of the crowds to Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem, IDENTIFY reasons people today seek and follow new leadership, and ACCEPT Jesus as a leader who offers hope for the word in every age.

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